8-Frame Hive Complete Includes top,
hive body, bottom board, & 8 frames (no wax)

FBM 8 Frame Hive & Super ePlan

8-Frame Hive from Poplar
Can be beautifully finished with polyurethane
if your hive is on display in a garden etc.
Includes same pieces as above Hive box.
Other hardwoods often available

fbm-8 frame hive and super 28

Deep Hive box



fbm-8 frame hive and super 29

Super Hive box

FatBeeMan Ross Round Box


FBM Ross Round DIY ePlan
This box sells for $50 on some big name websites!
Don’t get ripped off, build your own!

Bottom Board


fbm-8 frame hive and super 30
Outer Lid
No metal cover


4 staples on top and 2 on bottom.
These frames will not come apart.
$2.00 each assembled

The Fat Bee Man No-Drown Hive Top Feeder
Now includes tips video
FBM 5 Frame No Drown Feeder DIY ePlan

FBM 8 & 10 Frame No Drown Feeder DIY ePlans

The Popular FatBeeMan No-Drown Hive Top Feeder
New double bowl option shown

The FatBeeMan Entrance Feeder

FBM Entrance Feeder DIY ePlan

The FatBeeMan Baby Nuc Box

FBM Baby Nuc Box DIY ePlan

The FatBeeMan 5-Frame Nuc Box

Your choice of medium or deep nuc boxes

FBM 5-frame Nuc Box DIY ePlan

Mite Treatment Frame
Treat Varroa Mites with this frame
FBM Mite Treatment frame DIY ePlan

Beetle Trap

Simple Don K. invented device to
organically control the hive beetle.


Queen Lure / Swarm Attractant
1 bottle pure queen lure 1/2 oz. contains
1 queen along with swarm attractant
$25 shipping included

FatBeeMan Queen Timing box

FBM Queen Timing box DIY ePlan

E’s Dual Hive & Quad Hive Stands ePlan
Very sturdy design that holds a LOT of weight. No chance of screws or nails being sheered off under the weight of full hives.




Fat Bee Man E-plan Bundle
Get all the following 11 ePlans at a 35% Discount!!

Ross Round Box
No Drown Hive Top Feeder (5 & 8 frame) – Original
No Drown Hive Top Feeder (5 frame) – New & Improved
No Drown Hive Top Feeder (8 & 10 frame) – New & Improved
Entrance Feeder
Baby Nuc Box
5 Frame Nuc Box
8 Frame Nuc Box
Queen Timing Box
Mite Treatment Frame
E’s Dual & Quad Hive Stands

Wax Mill 2 Wax Mill 1
Wax Mills
Press your own foundation using your own wax!
Metal $2,000
Plastic $1,300

shapeimage_1 shapeimage_3 shapeimage_2     

Vaporizer 1shapeimage_4shapeimage_5

Oxalic Acid Vaporizer
Custom product made in Georgia to Don K’s specifications.
This device uses 12 volt battery to vaporize Oxalic Acid.
This is an organic and safe method to control mites.
Includes measuring cup.
Don can be seen using this device in his videos.
This equipment is warranted for one
year against manufacturers defect.
A free class comes with the purchase
of this device given by Don K himself.

Prices quoted are for Pick Up at Don’s Bee Yard in Lula, Georgia
Please call or email Don for quantity pricing & shipping details.
Don will send an email and you can pay through PayPal.

Contact Information:
Don Kuchenmeister
292 Ashley Brook Dr.
Lula, GA 30554
(706) 677-3502

Email Don:  beekeeper4u2@gmail.com

For DVD and E-plan sales questions ONLY (nothing about bee sales),
Please contact the webmaster;