Feeling handy? Want to save some bucks?
Here’s a collection of some of Don’s unique ideas
that have helped save him countless dollars and time!
Buy the entire collection for a big discount!

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FBM 8-Frame Hive & Super ePlan
Complete set of plans includes: Top cover, solid bottom board,
hive box body, super box body and bottom board

FBM Ross Round Box ePlan

This custom sized box sells for $50 on some big name websites!
Don’t get ripped off, build your own!

FBM 5 Frame No-Drown Hive Top Feeder ePlan
This is one of Don’s most sought after inventions! Your bees can feed in the comfort of the hive and you won’t have to worry about them drowning at all! You can also use this for watering, freeing up foragers to bring in even more honey!
*Now also includes the New & Improved feeder plans!

10 Frame Hive Top Feeder

FBM 8 & 10 Frame No Drown Feeder DIY ePlans

FBM Entrance Feeder
Build your own jar holder way cheaper!

FBM Baby Nuc Box ePlan
This is Don’s proven method for building up your bee numbers FAST!!!
These custom sized frames, a cup of bees and a Queen cell and you’re off!!

FBM 5-Frame Nuc Box ePlan

Includes all the dimensions you will need to make the Hive Body Box,
Super Box, Solid Bottom Board and Solid Top Cover

FBM Mite Treatment Frame ePlan
Another exclusive invention by Don for treating the hive
for Varroa Mites using just one custom made frame

FBM Queen Timing Box ePlan
Also called a “Queen Castle”. Used for raising 3 virgin Queens at once.
Come back in 2-3 weeks after placing a Queen cell and she will be mated
and laying eggs! This is a great way to start producing your own Queens!
These sell for $40+ on most sites

E’s Dual Hive & Quad Hive Stands ePlan
Very sturdy design that holds a LOT of weight. No chance of screws or nails being sheered off under the weight of full hives.


Fat Bee Man E-plan Bundle
Get all the above 11 ePlans at a 35% discount!!!

Ross Round Box
No Drown Hive Top Feeder (5 frame) – Original
No Drown Hive Top Feeder (5 frame) – New & Improved
No Drown Hive Top Feeder (8 & 10 frame) – New & Improved
Entrance Feeder
Baby Nuc Box
5 Frame Nuc Box & Super
8 Frame Nuc Box
Queen Timing Box
Mite Treatment Frame
E’s Dual & Quad Hive Stands

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